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Brazilian Soul Food

Transport yourself to the land of samba through bold and delicious flavours in this two hour class.

We’ll start with a caiprinha and some pães de queijo (tasty little gluten-free cheese buns) to whet the appetite while you learn how to make a typical Brazilian lunch of feijoada (bean stew) with all the trimmings including farofa, couve and my dad’s special recipe for Brazilian style rice.

The Brazilian feijoada is the undisputed national dish. Originally feijoada was made using every part of the pig, such as ears, tails, and nose floating among the beans. Don’t worry we’ll be making a vegetarian version that’s just as yummy and much healthier.

Come cook and eat some Brazilian delicacies with us!

Next class in January 2016, email for details.


Photo credits: marco nunes, xavi talleda perfect sonnet, maych